We danced until our hips ached; and then we danced some more.

Saturday had arrived. The day of the Sofital Hotel Beach party.

Edie and I awoke, the room empty. Chloe left with Goy and Ning in the morning to do more work at the Sunset Hua Hin and hit the beach.

Edie and I went for another run. We ran through a local street fair market. We weaved in and out of stalls, panting, smelling the food, eyeing the bounty. We made a note to come back after our showers so that We could find stuff to wear to the beach party later.

Feet on pavement. This our meditation.

We ran back home. We sat on the veranda, cooling down before our showers.

Once changed, we headed back to the market and I found a lovely green dress, casual, but doable for the beach party later.

I saw adorable baby clothes and booties and 'baby fever' set in. It's funny how little things remind me of my current state of single-ness. I put the booties down and shook it off. 

We eyed down more things, but then the skies opened up and a rumbling storm prompted us to get back to the beach house.

We got ready for our night. Goy, Ning and Chloe arrived and got ready too.

We piled in the car and headed for dinner. They ate at a vendors outside of a shop...there were no veg options. So I gracefully disappeared into the night and found GIANT restaurant up the street. Delicious spicy papaya salad, yummy rice and veg, and a whopping pina colada. I was in heaven. 

I walked back to meet them. We piled in the car and made our way down dark country winding roads to the Sofital hotel.

This place was intense. We arrived to blaring music. an electricity of anticipation in the air. The decorations to this building were larger than life. In the pitch blackness we saw massive figurines, the glow from long pools, elaborate stone walkways, and regal stairways.

We climbed our way to the back where the beach was and it was aas if MTV, P-Diddy and Lady Gaga had a beach party baby. 

Waiters and waitresses in uniform carried trays of drinks and snacks. Beckoning on the party-goers. Goy and Ning have a friend that work at the Sofital so we got the VIP treatment. Giant beanbags, long chairs and round tables were carried by servers onto the sand where we set up shop. Next a bucket of the crispiest, tastiest french fries and other snacks were delivered.

We all got Gin and Tonics on the house first round.



Sharing in space.

Bright lights.

Moon and star glow up above.

My heart raced.

This life is unreal.

More dancing, more drinks from buckets filled with booze and colorful straws.

Hours passed.

We were buzzing. 

The DJ played his last tune.

Time to go.

It was our last night in Hua Hin so when we got back to the beach house, Chloe, Edie and I put on our bikinis and headed for the sea. Tipsy and pitch blackness. Feet crunching on unknown surfaces. Soft sand. waves. warmth.

We floated. Sporadic french phrases and slow English.

The moon protecting us with her glow up above.

I have been surrounded by women during my trip here. I love this. My connection to the feminine was only scratched in Belfast. It continues here. I'm learning so much from these women; creators, entrepreneurs, lovers, fighters, bosses, athletes, writers, travelers. They all have a story to tell and me; blessed by their company.

That swim last night was magical. I felt anew.

and I thanked the sea gods up above for this life worth living. 

How blessed. How humbled.